AB International Services has collectively 30 years’ experience providing supply support activity (SSA) management of Class I, II, III, IIIP, IV, V, VII, VIII and IX facilities. This experience includes: stock control, customer service, receipt, documentation, turn−in, storage, reparable exchange, MRO verification, issuance, inventory control and record audits, cold storage, vault management, disposal, HAZMAT, technical inspection, causative research, safeguarding, preservation, preventive maintenance, packaging, and shipment of Government property and materiel. Providing rapid deployment and management of supplies and equipment in support for over 30 locations, CONUS and OCONUS, we have been responsible for over $100 million dollars in assets.


Warehousing and storage facility operation and management include:

  • Item identification support, pre-procurement screening and acquisition
  • Dock to receipt control, receipt processing, receipt evaluation
  • Offload/tally, staging, packing, crating, palletizing, shipping
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Storage, in-storage inspection, shelf life cycle inspections, minor repairs
  • Asset management/inventory control
  • Quality Control

Property Accountability

In property accountability we have supported facilities, laboratories, deploying and deployed units, in-theater contract transitions and CONUS and OCONUS installations. We have performed initial, scheduled, annual, and cyclic property inventories, provided property book administration, tagging/de-tagging, cataloging, hand receipts activities, and lateral transfers using PBUSE and GCSS-Army at 14 CONUS locations and in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. Additional support provided for ICPBOs includes performing asset management operations for expendable/nonexpendable and durable property, processing transactions, controlling property books and managing hand receipts.

Central Receiving Point

AB International Services functioned as a Central Receiving Point for the 25,000 component Fire Extinguisher Exchange & Disposal Program and for site-wide water distribution at JBB. We currently operate a CRP at RAF Lakenheath for calibration assets.