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About US


AB International Services, LLC is a joint venture company. As a women-owned small business AB International combines the flexibility of a small entity with the experience, infrastructure and "back reach" or a large one. Formed to combine the experience of two existing DOD contractors to provide focused solutions to the Air Force, Army and Navy. The resultant entity possesses over a decade of CONUS and OCONUS DOD experience.

Solutions, that You Need

Today’s DOD environment is continuously evolving. Our experience in the areas: facility managment, calibration, supply, logistics, and transportation includes years of experience throughout the US, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and other regions of the world.

Personnel, that can do the job

Our personnel bring the experience to support development of innovative, low-cost, and small-footprint approaches to support National security objectives. Our vast experience in support of local/regional/international exercises, rotational challenges, and advisory-level capability provide a depth of prior-military personnel experience to today’s active forces. Compressed of over 95% veterans we understand the tenets of Power Projection, and simultaneous area denial challenges. Operations at Home Station, through pre-deployment, deployment, re-deployment, and reset, all present different challenges in the areas of maintenance, calibration,supply and transportation, and our experience spans all of these.


With these collective skills, knowledge, and experience AB International Services and its team of highly qualified partner companies can be your "one-stop" solution for a single source provider.

Breadth of Experience

Our team comprises major service providers to the Department of Defense, the US Air Force (ACC, USAFE, CENTAF, AFSCOC, AFGSC, AFSPC, AFMC, ANG, AFR), US Army (AMC, CASCOM, FORSCOM); USARC, and Army National Guard. In addition to the DoD, AIr Force and Army the AB International team has also provided support to various other US government agencies (FAA, DOI, USAID, etc.) and commercial clients.