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Medical Logistics

AB International Services was responsible for the operation and management of a single Army theater ordering, receiving, inventory, and distribution facility for medical logistics for the entire Afghanistan Theater of Operations providing theater level medical logistics support as the executor of the Theater Lead Agent for Medical Materiel (TLAMM) for U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) area, Afghanistan.

Medical Warehousing

  • Material ordering,
  • Receipt (unload, receipt inspection, palletizing, breaking-down),
  • Storage (plan development, damage/deterioration/expiration date monitoring),
  • Cold chain management,
  • Vault management,
  • Inventory management (stock control, rotation, replenishment),
  • Transportation management (preparing, packing, shipping, documentation),
  • Accountability,
  • Request analysis and prioritization,
  • Hazardous material handling operations.
  • Biomedical equipment maintenance,
  • Training, and
  • Automated Information System utilization and support (DMLSS, GTN, etc.).

Medical Facility Support Services

  • Facility operations and maintenance,
  • Real property inventory, MEP System Inspection and Functional Evaluation,
  • Operational systems functional review,
  • Space equipment configuration,
  • Functional, contingency, and transition operations,
  • Documentation preparation,
  • Scheduling and phasing,
  • Occupancy support services,
  • Warranty review, and
  • Facilities AIS support.