AB International Services has extensive transportation experience (land, air, and sea) with personnel who have operated ports of embarkation and debarkation, and airheads. We have provided operator training and testing and operated Transportation Motor Pools dispatching, and storing 225 vehicles (tactical, non-tactical, special mission) and associated MHE. We have supported Installation Transportation Offices providing movement control, transit services storage, acquiring new and disposing of used vehicles, and processing of vehicle requests. In mobilization, deployment, and redeployment we have played a key role in the movement of soldiers, operated commercial trucks and tankers, provided personnel and cargo movement, and provided container management.

In-Transit Visibility and Tracking

Using RFID, RFID-ITV, Global Transportation Network (GTN) we have provided Unit Movement (Deployment/ Redeployment) and A/DACG operational support providing deployment planning and movement data input, integrating and synchronizing Cargo Movement Operation System ( CMOS) and SBSS data during APOE and APOD operations, providing Mobilization/Deployment planning, operations, and coordination; issuing and receiving equipment supplies, using CMOS, Distribution Standard System ( DSS), Logistics Modernization Program (LMP), and Standard Depot System (SDS), performing in-transit cargo shipments monitoring; and maintaining equipment accountability.

Local drayage operations

AB International Services has provided local drayage operations operating twenty-nine 350,000-500,000 gallons tanker trucks, operating 24/7, supporting daily potable water deliver to 1612 storage tanks, waste removal, construction equipment/supplies movement, refuse removal, hazardous waste/hazardous/material removal using 22 heavy vehicles ensuring HAZMAT was not commingled and that careful steps were taken to safeguard employee health. In addition, local drayage has also been provided for ice movement/delivery, oxygen delivery, medical supplies, construction equipment/materials, generators, HVAC ducting, plumbing supplies and OM&R cargo