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Training and Testing

AB International Services has provided training program support within each of the sectors we support including:

  • Program planning and strategy development,
  • Curriculum and instructional material development,
  • Program administration and course scheduling,
  • Program coordination with commands,
  • Monitoring of training goal obtainment and results testing,
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Logistics for movement of personnel and equipment for training performance
  • Apprenticeship program,
  • Classroom, hands-on or computer-based instruction

For some of our projects training is an ancillary task such as OWC Coordinator training for PMELs we operate or FAA software training to divisions for software we developed. On other projects training has been the focal element such as the Liquid Logistics project for FORSCOMM were we provided sustainment training for Army, Army Reserve, Navy, and Marine personnel on water production equipment.


Education is a lifelong process and ongoing training and cross-training is an essential aspect provided by AB International Services to our personnel in order to maintain personnel proficiency. This training encompasses compliance/statutory training (Cyber awareness, Insider Threat, safety, security, harassment, etc.) and technical and job skill cross training. Refresher training is done annually or more frequently if conditions warrant.


In addition to training we have provided testing for TMDE, water analysis, equipment testing for NEF, vehicle testing, testing, and 10/20 maintenance testing.