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Liquid Logistics

AB International Services liquid logistics experience includes providing operational, maintenance, and electrical training on water production equipment for 1500 GPH TWPS, 135 GPM LWP, 3,000GPH ROWPU for approximately 500 soldiers per year from 21 different units of the active Army, USARC and National Guard. Nine different classes were taught for which curriculums were developed, training materials prepared, areas (ocean and lake) prepped for equipment layout, and equipment installed. Also provided Mobile Training Teams for onsite water system training including managing travel logistics.

Operation and Maintenance

For the ROWPU/TWPS/LWP water assets we performed 10/20 maintenance and PMCS including the management of MWOs, maintenance, local drayage and equipment movement including the establishment of road beds in sand, water equipment loading, transportation, unloading and setup. Maintenance was also performed on support equipment such as air compressors, 10/6/4k forklifts, 3/60KW Generators, scoop loaders, 5T Cargo Vehicles, 5T Tractors, Gators, HMMWN, LHS, Ranger, and water pumps. This maintenance encompassed: fault isolation, equipment condition classification, troubleshooting, ordering parts, programming, calibrating, testing, modifying, and repairing (electrical, mechanical, welding, paintings, corrosion coating, etc.) for water production equipment.

Facility Management

In support of liquid logistics training AB International Services managed and maintained 6 (billeting, MWR, administrative and training) building facilities including facility administration, electrical, plumbing, painting, grounds, and HVAC maintenance. Also maintained a Class IX warehouse.


We orchestrated and implemented the command-level Regulated On-Site Demonstrated Efficiency Objective (RODEO) competition week-long 6 unit event (units were from 5 states including Hawaii) which included written examination, ocean-based equipment set-up, operation, and breakdown and installation wide-reconnaissance tasks. In addition to preparing special testing materials and reconnaissance plans we were responsible for equipment lay-outs, travel logistics, dining, billeting, recreational activities, VIP visits, photocopy, safety briefings, awards, and an award banquet.

Water Analysis

AB International Services has provided water analysis in both CONUS and OCONUC environments operating laboratories for potable water testing and wastewater testing. Water testing has included: pH, turbidity, TDS, temperature, color, arsenic, cyanide, magnesium, sulfate, total coliforms, Chemical warfare agents (hydrogen cyanide, lewisite, sulfur mustard, nerve agents), gross alpha and beta activity. Implemented the Quality Assurance and Quality Control for the water laboratories under our area of responsibility.