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AB International Services has inspected, maintained and repaired over 10,000 assets. With subject matter experts with years of experience in all areas of material maintenance from tactical wheeled and tracked vehicles, to support vehicles, to COTS and base operation equipment acquired to augment mission requirements, and the IT/software specialists with extensive experience AIS, property book, financial tracking, database management, and other critical systems, AB International Services has the management, resources and infrastructure to provide mission critical support for field maintenance.

Tactical and non-tactical vehicles

  • AAV, and LAVs

Base Operations Equipment

  • Tractors, Generators, Snow Cats, Water Tankers, Lawn care equipment
  • Material Handling equipment
  • Electronic equipment including Circuit Cards and Control Boxes
  • Test Measurement and Diagnostic (TMDE) equipment
  • Communication equipment
  • Vehicle and vehicle components (e.g., Engines, Starters, Transmissions, Wiring Harnesses, Communication Cables)
  • Water Production equipment (ROWPU, LWP, TWPS, etc.)
  • MWR equipment